Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SUPERNATURAL 7.7: "The Mentalists"

Read the Onion TV Club Recap of This Episode.

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  1. "The Mentalists" is the first episode of the Season 7 that I've watched without feeling betrayed by the series. Yes, it's more or less an average MOTW episode, but, as it is set in Lily Dale, and has a good old-fashioned 'let's play with the lore' quality to it, it made me nostalgic for the reasons I first became interested in the show.

    Like the faerie episode last season, I'm not anticipating much enjoyment from the season's myth-arc - a tedious tread of vague Judeo-Christian pseudo-mythology. Somebody needs to send a fruit basket to Kripke begging him to come back to the show.


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